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Kable Global ICT

Kable has an unparalleled understanding of ICT markets. Noted for our insights and reach across UK public sector markets, Kable now provides deep ICT intelligence on 14 industries across 33 major markets.

Our subscription services and reports set out the size and direction of technology markets, capture insight on the business issues which drive investment, and provide structured detail on companies and contracts.

We have a granular view of end-user customers and a global opportunity view across technology markets. This means that our intelligence products bridge the gap between sales and marketing information requirements, enabling ICT vendors to move rapidly from strategy to execution.

Kable Global ICT’s methodology

Kable's rigorous and robust methodology is what sets us apart from other ICT business information providers.

Our timely and actionable insights, and the breadth and depth of our evidence-based market analysis are built on four pillars:

  • Primary research
    Empirical evidence and access to key ICT industry influencers combine with quality assurance processes to put primary research at the centre of everything we do.
  • Data monitoring and tracking
    Our ability to collect data, identify opportunities and trawl across secondary sources stems from the rigorous approach of our dedicated investigative team. Clients using this service benefit from interactive content presented in premium information tools.
  • Modelling and forecasting
    We assess and forecast the size of the enterprise ICT opportunity through comprehensive intelligence on numerous products and services.
  • Sector engagement
    We identify and analyse ICT investment patterns and trends across the full range of industry sectors in both the public and private spheres.