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Modelling and forecasting

Kable's market opportunity forecasts outline the findings from our ongoing research into the market dynamics across the primary segments in the enterprise ICT industry.

Enterprise ICT assessment and forecasts

In order to accurately assess and forecast the size of the enterprise ICT opportunity, Kable analyses both the supply side via vendor insights and briefings, and the end-user demand for technology, through our ICT decision maker surveys.

This helps clients to fully understand the future spending trends in a market. Substantial time and resources are also invested in gathering relevant information from publicly available secondary sources, including annual reports and SEC filings.

Industry adoption prevalence

While the future growth in a market is determined based on technology-specific adoption indicators and macroeconomic trends, our fact-based analysis of industry adoption prevalence gives a clear picture of penetration rates across various vertical markets.

Our forecasts are based on comprehensive intelligence on numerous product and services offerings, allowing us to formulate both top-down and bottom-up methods for market forecasting. Preliminary market values are corroborated using a number of data validation checks at different levels.

Kable offers both horizontal and vertically focused market opportunity forecasts. Our horizontal coverage spans the entire ICT landscape, including hardware, IT services, software and communications.

Our vertical coverage includes banking and financial services (financial markets, insurance and retail banking), education, government and healthcare.

Kable's forecasts are exhaustive and timely, providing one year of historic and five years of forecasted data, spanning multiple technology categories, segments, 33 geographies and 14 industries.

Modelling and Forecasting