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Primary research

Kable places primary research at the centre of everything that we do. Through our in-depth interviews with ICT decision makers based all over the world, we are able to gather empirical evidence, which underpins our research and market analysis, forecasts and premium database products.

Primary Research

We ask pertinent questions of those with influence in the ICT sector, and use the data and intelligence we gather to make informed predictions about future ICT investment patterns and trends.

Drawing on the credentials of our parent company, and the in-house expertise of our analyst team in effective questionnaire design, we are able to provide best-in-class research instruments that support our syndicated products and consulting engagements.

We put robust quality assurance processes in place, cross-checking responses across our question sets to ensure data validity. Our surveys are truly global, spanning numerous geographies and sectors, with questionnaires translated by local language experts.

Typically, Kable adopts a panel-based approach to conduct its primary research, which gives us the ability to target the correct decision makers within end-user organisations.

We are able to source individuals with responsibility for ICT budgets and purchasing decisions, who sit across a full range of industry sectors. These respondents are highly engaged, and are willing to share a great deal of information about their current and forthcoming technology investments via both CATI and online surveys.