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Kable Global Industries

Kable has depth, reach and scale. We source and structure the most current information on businesses and organisations across all the major global vertical markets.

We have a team of  experienced journalists working hard to deliver dynamic news, features, videos and projects on a regular basis, enabling you to remain highly informed of all activity within your industry, at all times.

Staying up to speed with global vertical markets can divert critical time, money and resource away from your core business. But if you can’t identify – and target – high-quality leads, your sales strategy is destined to under-deliver.

Reinforce Your Sales Strategy With A Compelling Range Of Industry Intelligence

Hindsight is a valuable commodity, but it’s foresight that really defines sales success in your key markets. Backed by this actionable sector-specific analysis and insight, our cutting-edge business intelligence tools are designed to help you anticipate profitable sales opportunities in your core marketplace before they appear on your competitors’ radar.

When it comes to pinpointing game-changing opportunities, an incredibly efficient lead-generation approach is worth its weight in gold. That’s where our intuitive Market & Customer Insights Tool comes into its own.