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About Kable

Kable provides an unparalleled understanding of key global markets and industries for our international client base.

With a reputation built on our insights and reach across UK public sector markets and the ICT industry, we now provide intelligence on a global scale covering hundreds of thousands of organisations across every major vertical sector.

We have been serving businesses which sell to industries since 1990, developing methodologies and tools to structure organisation-level data at scale.  Our dedicated focus means that we are better placed than anyone to understand the shape and dynamics of the markets we cover.

We provide daily analysis, opportunity identification and commentary on commercial firms, public bodies, industries and geographic markets, all designed to integrate with our clients' core sales and marketing functions. We aim for our analysts to become an extension of our client's business development functions, facilitating better market planning, targeting and client engagement.

  • Capita “We are very happy with the service.  It’s widely used throughout our business and is a very useful resource.”
  • Cisco “The research Kable provides is of significant value, and is the key source of a lot of market intelligence for us.”
  • HP “Our account teams rely heavily on the service to understand trends and developments in the markets they serve.”
  • Oracle “I’ve set up my own profile on Kable specific to my needs, and find the service very useful.”
  • Lockheed Martin “In depth profiles on companies and government organizations provide necessary background when pursuing a new customer or competing against a new competitor.”
  • IODX “We use Kable every day throughout the organisation – just try taking it away from us!”
  • Atos Origin “I find Kable an invaluable source of relevant information ... it is the only information source I rely on for good, honest detail.”
  • UK Office of National Statistics “Kable ... the best private sector source.”

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