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Go-to-market and bid support

Even established and leading providers, in specific markets, benefit from external expertise delivering additional data and expert analysis from a different perspective.

This input can be particularly useful if you are considering additional investment or resource allocation in new countries.
Kable has the in-depth data, analytical expertise and market knowledge to contribute to;

  • Development of opportunity roadmaps
  • Competitive positioning for specific bids
  • Market tracking
  • Pricing analysis in your vertical markets

We have now expanded our data collection and expertise in market forecasting to encompass a broader range of vertical markets.

We have full in house capabilities to customise this data to ensure it integrates with and matches your own view of the market.

Our historic case studies include:

Opportunity roadmaps

A client, recently acquired by a US corporation, asked Kable for help identifying opportunities to introduce the broader capabilities of the US company into the UK market.

Kable worked with the client to understand the spread of capabilities, and identify a preliminary roadmap of opportunities, prioritised by potential for a successful bid.

Kable is now providing deeper drill-downs into specific opportunities as part of the client's preliminary work on bid selection, and is working with the client to narrow down areas of interest for subsequent updates and refreshes of the roadmap.

Custom cuts of data/market tracking

Kable's market spend forecasts for ICT in the public sector have been accepted as the ‘gold standard' for over 20 years.

A leading supplier to the UK government has regularly commissioned Kable to provide custom cuts of the data, matched to its own specific taxonomy, for use in its internal forecasting and market tracking.

Resource allocation

A US vendor of business process management and CRM solutions sought Kable's input into strategic decisions on the prioritisation of investment. It wanted to develop its business in the social protection services of seven European countries.

Kable provided country and market profiles, and a summary of relevant ICT strategies together with budget and headcount models to inform the relative ranking of the most attractive countries.