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Market research and insights

Clients sometimes need to enhance a business case or market value proposition by adding more detail. Kable can provide that extra information on customer preferences, competitive perceptions, key purchase influencers, perceived gaps in current solutions, or the specific terminology associated with a vertical market.

Kable's in-house data resources are gathered from extensive primary research with key decision makers and influencers. Kable has the skills – and the reach – to design and execute bespoke proprietary research projects that gather and analyse qualitative or quantitative data, focused on delivering the customer or market insights and recommendations that are specific to your needs.

These case studies come from our market research and insight portfolio:

Attitudinal research to support messaging

A division of a multinational systems integrator, well known for its work on IT infrastructure projects, wanted to position itself to tackle telecommunications network services opportunities.

Kable worked with its retained marketing services company to provide support for a large-scale marketing campaign, developing and executing a primary research project to explore vendor requirements and perceptions. Kable interviewed CxO staff in a sample of key potential customers to acquire insight into the drivers for networking services; attitudes and beliefs around the merits of certain types of vendors; and the perceived value of adjacent competencies.

Kable also collaborated with the marketing services company to agree an approach to the core messaging based on the findings.

Due diligence for M&A

A US organisation needed to urgently validate some market assumptions informing the acquisition of a specialist UK software company.

Kable provided detailed background on the relevant vertical market with data on structure and size, and then carried out a series of telephone interviews with customers to ascertain satisfaction with current solutions and providers, the approach to pricing, and the potential for purchases of additional licences in the future.

Gap analysis

A software supplier exploring entry into the UK social care market commissioned Kable to provide a market assessment study to identify the market size, key trends, competitive landscape, and the characteristics of the most attractive customer segments.

As a follow-up to the initial study, the supplier also commissioned a telephone survey to gain insight into current and future IT requirements in social care. Kable developed and executed a survey that explored strategic priorities, satisfaction with current solutions, drivers for change, internal and external influencers, vendor awareness and perceptions, and the opportunities for innovative business models.

One of the key findings of the research was the consistency of the terminology used to describe priorities and drivers, which was different to that used by the client.