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Strategic advisory

As you build your internal strategies for entering or expanding into new markets or segments, an independent third-party view is invaluable in helping you crystallise your options and determine the best-fit areas of opportunity for your business.

Kable understands the nuances of different vertical market segments, because its unique expertise is honed by over 20 years of experience. Each vertical has its own distinct structure, set of business priorities, challenges and preferred buying patterns. What works in the private sector might need adjustment for the public sector, and what works for you in one market might not necessarily work in the adjacent vertical.

Kable has helped many clients to formulate their business growth strategies, either as new entrants to a market, or as established players seeking to expand into new areas. Here are some example solutions from our client portfolio:

Identifying opportunities for growth

A specialist communications technology company sought Kable's input into its long-term market growth strategy. It wanted an independent view of how it might build on its current competencies to develop innovative offerings for adjacent markets. The company also needed to identify short-term opportunities that would enable it to build reference business for longer term growth.

Kable provided an analysis of the likelihood and shape of possibilities in each of eight vertical sectors, based on business and technology trends. As part of the exercise, Kable also delivered a summary of the projected competitive landscape, identified the potential for partnering, and provided examples of short and medium term opportunities with an assessment of how these might help establish credibility for long term growth.

Market share, sizing and forecasting

A leading software-as-a service provider wanted to understand the current and future size of its addressable market in civil government, as part of its investigation into how it could best meet its growth targets.

Kable built a Microsoft Excel model that mapped the addressable product areas for the company and its partner base onto the Kable taxonomy, and developed detailed market forecasts by product category and sector. The resulting model and conclusions were shared in an interactive workshop with the client.

Market prioritisation

The global IT services unit of a US defence organisation was tasked with the international expansion of its business, and asked Kable to assist with the prioritisation of its approach to the European defence, public safety, and homeland security markets.

The project was conducted in several phases. In the first phase, Kable ranked 28 countries by market spend, potential size of projects, and a set of agreed qualitative factors, resulting in a recommended focus on three geographic clusters.

The second phase produced more detail on the potential fit with the client so it could prioritise the clusters. Finally, Kable provided in-depth market and customer information on the highest priority countries.