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Argentinian enterprises are optimistic about their ICT investments

10th September 2014

Enterprises in Argentina are becoming more positive about their ICT investments in 2014, finds a new survey from Kable.

According to a recent Kable survey of 89 Argentinian enterprises, 73% of respondents are planning to increase their overall ICT budgets in 2014 compared to 57% in 2013. ICT in Argentina is considered as a key tool in promoting innovative activities and improving efficiency within enterprises. In a similar vein, the number of respondents planning to reduce their ICT budgets in 2014 has declined by 10% since 2013. Kable's research also finds that Argentinian enterprises are increasing their investments in the core ICT categories of both hardware and software.

Argentina invests in mobility solutions

Argentinian enterprises are adopting advanced technologies such as business intelligence and mobility. According to the survey, 84% of these enterprises have already invested in business intelligence, and 87% are planning to invest in this domain through to the end of 2015. While 83% of respondents are currently using some form of mobility solution, 88% are planning to invest in this domain over the next two years. Meanwhile, other technologies such as enterprise applications and communications & collaboration are also receiving decent attention, as more than 80% of respondents are planning to spend on these solutions in the next two years.

“With smartphones and tablets fast becoming embedded within Argentinian enterprises, the adoption of enterprise mobility solutions is rising, enabling transparency across enterprise operations and stimulating revenue growth”, comments Tim Gower, Director at Kable Research. Similarly, emerging network technologies, reduced mobile data costs, and readily available smartphone applications are further fuelling the adoption of mobility solutions amongst enterprises. Meanwhile, Argentinian enterprises are assigning the highest priority to the financial stability of ICT vendors, to ensure that their ICT investments can be supported in the long term.  

Editor’s notes

Press Image

84% of Argentinian enterprises have already invested in business intelligence, and 87% are planning to continue investing in this domain through to the end of 2015. 

Kable’s survey of the Argentinian ICT market covered enterprises across 12 industry sectors. It was conducted in Q4 2013 via an online methodology, with respondents all having ICT decision making responsibility (typically CIOs and IT Managers).

Analysis of the survey data is contained in Kable’s ICT investment trends in Argentina report. This report and others are available by subscribing to Kable’s Global ICT Intelligence Service at

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