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The adoption of advanced technologies is set to rise among Italian enterprises

7th August 2015

A new Kable survey finds that Italian enterprises are investing in advanced technologies such as communication & collaboration, green IT & virtualization and mobility.

Italian enterprises are still cautious about long term investments, as the economic recovery lies on a weak foundation and continues to be extremely vulnerable to financial instability. Nevertheless, Italian enterprises are still showing more than a tinge of optimism when it comes to ICT investments. Kable’s survey of 163 enterprises in Italy finds that 44% of enterprises are planning to increase their ICT budgets in 2015 compared to only 30% in 2014. In addition, the proportion of respondents planning to decrease their ICT budgets is expected to remain low in 2015. 

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Italian enterprises are investing in mobility technologies

Enterprises in Italy are beginning to make notable investments in mobility technologies, as the need for real-time communications, improved accessibility of enterprise data, and employee productivity enhancements are growing. Kable’s survey shows that mobile device management and mobile applications (both employee as well as customer facing mobile applications) are set to gain traction among Italian enterprises, with more than 60% of enterprises planning to invest in each of these mobility segments over the next two years. Demand for mobile device management and mobile application platform management is also set to increase. Kable estimates mobile application platform management and mobile device management to grow at CAGRs of 23.4% and 16.9% from 2015 to 2019.

Virtualizations technologies market ripe with opportunities

“There are some good opportunities for vendors operating in the sever virtualization and desktop virtualization technologies market,” comments Rajat Saxena, an analyst at Kable. Among the top virtualization vendors, IBM leads the vendor list in terms of its overall penetration rate, whereas Cisco is receiving the highest satisfaction rating for its products and services among the top five green IT & virtualization vendors operating in Italy. In addition to virtualization, Italy is also expected to witness a spate of investments in cloud computing. “With cloud computing gaining in popularity among Italian enterprises, both private and public clouds are set to witness an increase in investments in 2015,” adds Saxena.

Editor’s notes

All information used in this text is based on the Kable report 'Customer Insight Report – ICT investment trends in Italy,' and ‘Kable's Market Opportunity Forecasts to 2019: ICT in Italy', available to subscribers of the Kable Global ICT service.

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