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Media companies are investing in disruptive ICT technologies

15th December 2014

Media companies are investing heavily in advanced information and communications technology (ICT) to deploy the latest digital technology and remain competitive in the market, finds a survey from Kable.

The survey of 112 media companies finds that 45% of respondents plan to increase their ICT investments in 2014, which is an increase of 23% compared to 2013. Moreover, the percentage of respondents decreasing their overall ICT budgets is expected to decline from 50% in 2013 to 35% in 2014, indicating a growing confidence from media companies with respect to their ICT investments.  

Kable’s research reveals that media companies are increasing their investments in core technologies such as software and IT services and are continuously looking to create applications and processes that can attract new customers to their online portals. Furthermore, the survey shows that 83% of media companies are planning to deploy agile business intelligence solutions to gain better insights into online customer behaviour and to analyse the success of their marketing strategies. In a similar vein, 84% of media companies are planning to invest in mobility solutions to ensure their mobile employees stay connected with their work even while they are on the move. 

”The demand for cloud computing services among media companies is fuelled by the need to have speedier access to IT resources and to cut IT infrastructure costs,” says Renjitha Balkrishan, a Kable analyst. “Along with their cost and scalability benefits, cloud computing solutions enable media companies to achieve differentiation in their services.” Kable further finds that media companies are choosing ICT providers based on their ability to offer innovative technologies at a lower cost. Meanwhile, IT projects relating to production systems are gaining significant attention from media companies and 60% of respondents are considering investing in this area in order to have a cost effective solution for media content production as well as distribution. 

Editor’s notes

All information used in this text is based on the Kable survey ‘ICT investment trends in the media industry’ which covered companies across a broad spread of geographies and size bands. It was conducted in Q4 2013 via an online methodology, with respondents all having ICT decision making responsibility (typically CIOs and IT Managers).

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Media companies are investing heavily in ICT to remain competitive in the market. 

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