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South Korea’s improving economic conditions boost ICT expenditure

6th August 2014

Due to the improving economy and enhanced financial prospects in South Korea, enterprises embrace ICT as a major tool for business improvement.

A recent Kable survey of 118 South Korean enterprises shows that a significant proportion (42%) of enterprises are planning to increase their ICT budgets in 2014, which is an increase of 17% compared to 2013. The survey highlights that expenditure on hardware is set to grow and reach 28% of the average ICT budget, while spending on software will increase to 25% in 2014. The survey also reveals that while the majority of hardware expenditure is focused on clients, increasing spending on application lifecycle management is driving investments in software.

South Korea invests in cloud computing

In order to stay competitive, South Korean enterprises are increasing their investments in high productivity technologies such as business intelligence and cloud computing. The survey reveals that currently both business intelligence and cloud computing have 76% penetration rates. Moreover, the demand for business intelligence and cloud computing are expected to increase over the next two years as 85% of enterprises are planning investments in business intelligence and 81% in cloud computing. Meanwhile, other technologies such as security and content management are also witnessing increased attention: at least 90% of enterprises plan to spend on these solutions through to the end of 2015.

“Cloud computing is attracting a great deal of attention among South Korean enterprises,” comments Tim Gower, a Kable research director. “Enterprises are actively adopting cloud computing solutions to ensure better scalability, flexibility, and high performance while reducing operating costs and carbon emissions.” South Korean enterprises have a greater affinity for on-site (61%) technology deployments compared to hosted services (39%). However, hosted services will become more important in the near future, as enterprises gradually adopt this model to increase their cost savings and enhance their business productivity and scalability. With regards to the selection of vendors, South Korean enterprises assign high levels of importance to price. Kable therefore believes that providers that are able to offer flexible pricing models will be in a better position to take advantage of market growth. 

Editor’s notes

Press image

The technologically advanced South Korea will invest in business intelligence and cloud computing through to the end of 2015.

About this survey

Kable’s survey of the South Korean ICT market covered enterprises across 12 industry sectors. It was conducted in Q4 2013 via an online methodology, with respondents all having ICT decision making responsibility (typically CIOs and IT Managers).

Analysis of the survey data is contained in Kable’s ICT investment trends in South Korea report. This report and others are available by subscribing to Kable’s Global ICT Intelligence Service.

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