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UK public sector expected to invest in security software up to 2019

10th December 2014

The UK public sector will continue to invest in security software for the next five years, predicts a report from Kable.

According to the report, security software is one of the few elements of public sector ICT that will experience positive growth rates between 2014 and 2019, despite the downturn in total expenditure due to the financial crisis and on-going austerity measures. Growth is not uniform, however, and is correlated with fiscal restraints and differing attitudes to cyber risk throughout government.

Daniel Jones, analyst for Security at Kable, says: "Some departments have a mature view of the cyber risk landscape, while others – mostly on the margins of Whitehall – have yet to develop a comprehensive approach." Kable believes the UK public sector can be categorised into the three broad groups 'core,' 'periphery' and 'outliers,' depending on their attitude towards cyber security. 

The rise of digital services throughout government has mitigated the decline in security software spend as a result of smaller ICT estates. While savings can be reaped through the adoption of transactional online services, considerable investment must be made in security in order to enable this. To date, only the 'core' has invested sufficiently. As fiscal restraints eventually recede, Kable expect a greater upturn in spend, as the 'periphery' and the 'outliers' become more open to viewing security as an enabler, rather than a cost.

Additional drivers of spend include a widening of threat vectors. Mandatory security standards such as the recently updated ISO270001 and PCI-DSS recognise this and are placing additional emphasis on network oversight. Jones adds: It is becoming increasingly obvious that countering multiple threat vectors is a strained task at best, and potentially a futile one. A more credible approach would be to assume that all networks are compromised, or have the potential to be. After the fact, what matters most is the intelligence and oversight capability to respond.”

Editor’s notes

All information used in this text is based on the Kable report 'Security software in the Public Sector - Market Sizing 2014-2019', available to subscribers of the Kable UK service.

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The UK public sector will continue to invest in ICT in the next five years, accordig to Kable. 

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