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Kable identifies and analyses companies, investment patterns and trends across the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry.

Our Customer and Market Insight tools track specialist drug development and pharmaceutical firms, providing deep insight at an organisational level. We provide unparalleled insight into how budgets are spent and how budgets are set to change.

As a trusted leader in our field, we receive deal and contract information directly from the industry itself. With privileged access to that information before it reaches a wider audience, you benefit from having access to breaking information before most of the market even knows about it.

Our expertise in customer and market insight comes from our strong emphasis on primary research, which allows us to monitor the changing investment landscape across the sector. We can identify the way that pharmaceuticals' search for new markets, quantify and assess investment in R&D.

We focus on giving our clients, critical first-mover advantage by keeping them up to speed with the latest industry news, trigger points and events that affects them.

Pharmaceuticals Research

Coverage of ICT in pharmaceuticals

Kable Global ICT Intelligence offers actionable insight into how ICT budgets are set to change within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as identifying the technologies that are set to gain the most traction. We also outline likely procurement preferences as well as the approach to operating ICT across the sector.

Contact us to find out how our collection of analytical reports and premium database products can help you make informed strategic and tactical decisions to target the global pharmaceuticals industry.

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